Aug 26, 2010

How I get a clear complexion

So recently i went through a spat where for about two week i was breaking out to hog heaven
all around my hairline, eyebrow area,chin,cheeks were just zits
it sucked and was gross!

So i started using Biores face wash and neutrogena face bar together and then would apply a generic walgreens brand benzoyl peroxide gel all over my face
and in about a week i have a clear face 
Voila it worked like magic!
I'm happy and i figured i'd let you all know cuz it might work for you
who knows.

this is the pore unclogging biore scrub i use

this is the neutrogena face bar for acne prone skin

this is the benzoyl peroxide gel i would apply allover after i washed it
it contains 10% of the benzoyl peroxide so its heavy duty

So i started just using the biore wash and it wasn't doing the trick 
so my mom swayers by the neutrogena face bar and told me to use it she has been using it for years
So i started alternating every other face wash i would switch between either the biore or the neutrogena 
and it seemed to be working but not fast enough
So i bought the generic walgreens benzoyl peroxide gel
and would apply it allover my face even though your only suppose to apply it to just the zits
o well i dont follow directions well
But it worked and i haven't had a breakout since 
so every other day after i wash my face with either the biore or neutrogena i apply the gel allover
don't do the gel everyday its too drying
within 2-3 days my zits have diminished after using the gel
Goes to show you generic stuff works you don't need name brand everything.
For a moisturizer I use
Biore's face lotion with SPF 15
its awesome and has vitamin E
so it fights off free radicals and protects from sun

Hope you enjoyed

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