Sep 28, 2010

Eyeshadow Basics

So i will explain how to apply eyeshadow for beginners.
It is just a basic method and real easy to learn with practice.
The picture below shows the basic layout I will explain

1. This is "below your browbone" it is where you will highlight with lighter shades of eyeshadow
such as white and creams

2. This is your "inner corner" you can also highlight here to give eyes an open and refreshed look

3. This is the "crease" you will apply a darker eyeshadow here to make your eye look more defined and provide more dimension to the eye.

4. This is the "lid" you will apply the main color you want to show here 

5. This is the "outer corner" or "outer V" you will apply your darkest eyeshadow here it will give your eye a more "cat eye" appearance or a more "almond shape"

I put blend between the highlight and crease because you will blend your crease up towards your highlight to give it a more blended smoother look. 
Blending is important when applying makeup!

This is just the general/basic eyeshadow application.

Maybelline has really inexpensive eyeshadow quads out now for about $5
you can pick them up at any drugstore 
It comes with 4 great eyeshadows and it even has lid,crease,browbone,
or outer corner placed on the eyeshadow so you know where to put which color!
This is also a great item to pick up if your just learning!

Hope this helped!


  1. This was really helpful. Thank you. =)

  2. I'm happy this has helped you guys out!
    thanks for the feed back let me know if there is any other eyeshadows tips you'd like to know :)

  3. thank you!! Im so happy for what ive learned...

  4. Thanks - this is the best explanation I have seen on applying shadow! It has baffled me for ages.


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