Oct 5, 2010

Glue-on nails

So I used to go and get gel nails and acrylic nails all the time for almost a year non stop
but it just was way too much money and i hardly ever was "completely" satisfied with the results 
i'm kinda picky plus i wanted more diversity so if one week i wanted long french tip and then next wanted my natural short nails with a fun color then i wanted to be able to do that without feeling like i needed to go have my acrylics removed and wasted money on getting them done and then having to pay to get them removed or "repainted" and yadda yadda 
So now i have resorted to Glue ons or press on nails!
so that one week i can look like i had them done at the salon and the next and can go back to my natural nail without spending a frickin fortune!
These i am currently trying
and as you can see i can still get a nice design on my nails and not just have strictly french tip
the first below is a a silver and black zebra stripe which i used to get at the salon and now i can do myself for cheaper and faster and NO ONE can tell the difference 
Nailene couture "safari"

Broadways Real life french tip in real short 

plus i purchased these off of ebay for even cheaper than at my local drugstore or walmart
i got them for $3 or less off of ebay including shipping
At drugstores you can find these for around $5-$8 
So far french tips have been on my nail for 4 days without budging and i havent had to re glue back on.
and i do the dishes and take showers in hot water so thats saying something.
so i will def stick with the glue ons!


1. Make sure to file nail bed roughly with nail file provided in kit

2. Apply acetone to nail beds after filing as if you were removing nail polish

3.Apply a minimal amount of glue to nail bed and spread evenly throughout nail bed 

4. When applying nail press firmly and hold for atleast 30 seconds to make sure there are NO air bubbles and that the nail has stuck to nailbed.

5. Apply shiny top coat i prefer seche vites top coat for it fast drying while still providing super shiny top coat

These tips i wish i knew when i first started applying these because without following these steps your nails will only last maybe a 1-2 days
Roughing up the nail bed then applying the acetone will give the glue and nail something to grip on to a hold for longer lasting results plus the acetone with take off any moisture and oil from nailbeds yes believe it or not people have oily nail beds.

Hope this helped!

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