Jan 6, 2011

Covergirl Clean liquid foundation for sensitive skin review

I went into my local walgreens as always looking for some new foundation
I have heard alot about this new clean line from covergirl and it just so happened to be on sale (buy one get one half off ) so ofcourse i snatched two up!

Normal price goes for $7.99
as far as size of the bottle it was kinda small and has a twist off cap so you will have to poor the foundation out i prefer pumps but if i really like the foundation i dont mind if its a pump or not.
I got sensitive skin which claims:
100% fragrance-free and oil-free! Hypoallergenic formula designed for sensitive skin. Creamy formula for lightweight coverage.

Overall I gave it a try and ended up returning it heres why
my skin is bad
I have redness,dryness,freckles,hyperpigmentation,and scars from popping zits

This makeup is very natural and lightweight looking which is great for people who don't have major skin issues however i do so this did not work out
I like full coverage and i need redness covered and every freckle shown right through the makeup  normally with foundation i get pretty decent coverage this didn't provide that
also another issue i had is that it rubbed off leaving my face streaky especially where i would have my phone while i was talking so i dont feel the staying power is very good either

Overall I give this a thumbs down for my skin type
I think if you want light coverage and dont have to many skin imperfections this would be perfect
However mine isn't and i need to have ALOT LOL :)


  1. I tried this very foundation too, it's not good for people with oily skin. I need more matte coverage and definitely one that covers blemishes well.

  2. See I knew there was somthin up with this foundation! I have tried it before too and wasunhappy with it!
    The best drugstore one I have tried is he revlon phto ready , and I just got the ELF studio line foudation in and Im liking it.


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